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BJC Employees: March Is National Colorectal Cancer Prevention Month

One employee -- 50 or older, or who has a personal history of colorectal cancer -- will have a chance to win exercise equipment (such as a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical trainer valued at $1,000) by showing commitment to colorectal cancer prevention in 2014.

For the sixth year, BJC’s Help for Your Health program is encouraging employees to schedule a colorectal cancer-screening test based on American Cancer Society guidelines or the direction of their physician, and pledge to promote healthy nutrition and exercise during 2014.

One employee’s name will be drawn from all entries, and the winner will be able to choose a treadmill, stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer or other home exercise equipment valued at $1,000, courtesy of BJC Help for Your Health and its fitness partner Fitness Experts.

Colon cancer risk factors include:

  • Being 50 or older
  • A personal history of colorectal cancer or adenomatous polyps
  • A strong family history of colorectal cancer or polyps
  • Other colon disorders, as identified by a physician

American Cancer Society Guidelines
Beginning at 50, both men and women should use follow one of these testing schedules.

Tests that find polyps and cancer:

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years 
  • Colonoscopy every 10 years 
  • Double contrast barium enema every 5 years 
  • CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy) every 5 years

Tests that mainly find cancer:

  • Fecal occult blood test every year
  • Fecal immunochemical test every year
  • Stool DNA test, interval uncertain

2014 Winner -- Virginia Crawford, Christian Hospital; she was chosen from 447 entries

2013 Winner -- Connie Horneker, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital; she was chosen from 567 entries

2012 Winner -- Linda Maassen, Boone Hospital Center; she was chosen from 473 entries

2011 Winner -- Kathleen Grotegeers, Alton Memorial Hospital; she was chosen from 190 entries

2010 Winner -- Janice Davis, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital; she was chosen from 413 entries

2009 Winner -- Dawn Sohn, Parkland Health Center; she was chosen from 378 entries

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