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Lisa Weber, Northwest HealthCare

Lisa Weber, Northwest HealthCare, Emergency Department day supervisor, began a complete lifestyle makeover in 2007, incorporating a diet and exercise plan into her work life and her home life.

Fifty pounds and several inches later, she says exercise is the key to her success. "I'm always setting new goals and trying different types of exercise," she says. "Right now I'm enjoying weight lifting and spin classes at my local gym."

Weber shares her "secrets of success" with her co-workers and has initiated exercise challenges like "Take the money and RUN" in which participants pay $1 a week to record the number of minutes they exercise each week. At the end of six weeks, the three players with the highest scores split the money.

"I'm glad I have inspired others to make positive changes and that what I have done has made a difference to someone else," she says. "When you find something good that works, you just want to tell everyone about it -- and that's what I've tried to do."

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