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Teresa Brown, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital

Teresa Brown, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospita,l oncology nurse, is known as the "face" of the oncology department. "She is the friendly nurse whom so many of our community's families have come to lean on when cancer is diagnosed," one of her nominators says.

She is also known as an advocate for health screenings of any kind. It was during her annual mammogram last year that Brown received an abnormal report and, after additional testing, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"She immediately underwent treatment, and she has returned to work smiling and cheerful -- showing everyone that adopting a good attitude and healthy lifestyle is the best medicine of all," says one of her nominators. "I am most inspired by the way Terry can connect with her patients because she has experienced their pain, and she gives them hope. Terry has inspired me to keep exercising and to always have health screenings."

"She inspired her patients by her attitude, her determination and her need to conquer her cancer. She inspires all of us," says another nominator.

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