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Jana Pinkley, Parkland Health Center

Jana Pinkley, Parkland Health Center case manager, attended her 25-year high school reunion recently -- wearing the same size outfit that she wore in high school.

But that wasn't always the case. Pinkley joined Weight Watchers a year ago and made exercise a priority in her life, losing more than 80 pounds in the process.

"A conversation that I had with my teenage daughter inspired me to begin this journey," says Pinkley.

"Seeing and feeling the benefits of my effort, and feeling better physically and mentally, were inspirations that kept me going."

Pinkley says her family and friends continue to provide inspiration. "My co-workers, friends and family continue to inspire me daily with their support, compliments and encouragement. I am extremely honored and flattered that I was chosen for the Health Hall of Fame. I now feel a sense of responsibility to maintain my health journey and encourage and support my co-workers with their journeys."

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