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Tim Stenzinger, Progress West HealthCare Center

Tim Stenzinger, Progress West HealthCare Center, patient access representative, had been trying to lose weight when he and his wife chose to go vegan. After making the change, he lost 30 pounds in the first six weeks.

For the self-described "McDonald's junk food junkie," going vegan was quite a departure. "For me, it was basically changing everything about my eating habits," he says. "I never thought I could become a vegetarian, let alone a vegan."

He credits his wife, Krissy, for his success. "If it wasn't for her going from vegetarian to vegan, I would have never made the jump myself. She did it for moral reasons after seeing a very disturbing video about the dairy industry," Stenzinger says. "But right away, we both felt the positive physical results of eating vegan.

"I feel younger. I can actually run again without being winded. I can get up off the couch without effort. I also feel more focused," he says. "I don't sleep quite as long as I used to, and I feel more refreshed in the morning."

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