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BJC Employees Support Breast Health Awareness

October is Breast Health Awareness Month. Since 2003, employees throughout BJC have had a chance to win a spa package by showing a commitment to increasing breast health awareness during October.

Each hospital -- plus BJC’s corporate division -- receives two spa packages (valued at $200 each) from The Face & The Body Day Spa to award to employees who make a commitment to breast health awareness for themselves, a family member or a co-worker. The focus of the program is to encourage employees to take responsibility for promoting breast health awareness.

Employees who team up to commit to breast health awareness stating they have done at least one of the following:

  • Had or will have a mammogram in 2013
  • Pledge to schedule a mammogram before the end of 2013
  • Pledge to encourage a spouse, family member or co-worker to schedule a mammogram in 2014

This marks the 10th year that The Face & The Body Day Spa has partnered with BJC for this Help for Your Health promotion to increase awareness about breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

The 2013 pairs of women who won the drawing for a day of complimentary pampering at The Face & The Body Day Spa were:

  • Danielle Darden and Rebecca Schroeder, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Amy VanDeVelde and Sarah Lovegreen, Barnes-Jewish Hospital 
  • Arianna Rojas and Karen Dustman, Christian Hospital 
  • Becky Burgess and Loretta Hutchens, Clay County Hospital
  • Laura Gruebbel and Christine Besher, BJC HealthCare (Behavioral Health)
  • Patricia Fitzgerald and Heather Schott, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Norma Armstrong and Karen Laposha, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital 
  • Jusonda Williams and Rachael Kaminski, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Riversong Spa in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Nancy Toivonen and Diana Tessereau, Missouri Baptist Medical Center 
  • Alicia Frohbieter and Michele Krygiel, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Jennifer Kelley and Sarah Brake, Parkland Health Center 
  • Karen Barnes and Sandra Ray, Progress West Hospital
  • Sheila Malusky and Erica Reese, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The 2012 winners were:

  • Tara Henline and April (Frazier) Wepler, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Alice Imhof and Ann Petlin, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Maria Vogt and Eileen Knickmeyer, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Raema Howell and Charla Portman, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Keionna Costello and Mary Croft, BJC HealthCare
  • Sara Beth Schwab and Jenna Page, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Riversong Spa in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Serrita Sydnor and Queena Harvey, Christian Hospital
  • Linda Newby and Carol Sporleder, Clay County Hospital
  • Kari Thurman and Jenny West, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Connie Nowack and Karol Blanton, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Jessica Nielsen and Renee Keesee, Parkland Health Center
  • Sheila Bellers and Mary Milberg, Progress West Hospital
  • Laura Carroll and Janice Lanto, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The 2011 winners were:

  • Patty Fields and Jaci Sweetman, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Mary Ellen Beindorff and Laura Wise, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Debra Rempinski and Kimberly Roderique, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Carla Pollard and Sharon Daube, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Joyce Oren and Francine Petzon, BJC HealthCare
  • Susan Brandt and Lisa Ozanich, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Riversong Spa in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Mikala Lewis and Kim Wagner, Christian Hospital
  • Tina Canada and Staci Bute, Clay County Hospital
  • Christine Most and Nancy Sanders, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Robin Helm and Janet Byers, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Laurie Bradley and Cathy Hochstatter, Parkland Health Center
  • Gayle Oestreich and Lisa Rogers, Progress West HealthCare Center
  • Eleanor Dansberry and Rose Suggs, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The 2010 winners were:

  • Cynthia Monckton and Tammy Merritt, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Kathy Goodwin and Nancy Cibulka, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Peggy DeCosty and Susan Fleecs, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Manisha Pachbhai and Linda Brandt, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Cecily Curry and Andrea Moore, BJC HealthCare
  • Emily Henderson and Maya Hutchinson, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Riversong Spa in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Jayne Campbell and Sandy Ramsey, Christian Hospital
  • Rhonda Weidner and Linda Lewis, Clay County Hospital
  • Michele Wolf and Gloria Wilder, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Sarah McKee and Kiersta Marler, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Jean Priday and Marsha Sansoucie, Parkland Health Center
  • Ashley Stanbrough and Barbara McLaurine, Progress West HealthCare Center
  • Davina Hyatt and Marilyn Perry, St. Louis Children’s Hospital 

The 2009 winners were:

  • Barbara Bruce and Deloris Eberlin, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Stacey Haake and Diane McCoy, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Diane Young and Susan Dreckshage, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Dolores Fumagalli and Kalima Jackson, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Maureen Lynam and Karen Stewart, BJC HealthCare
  • Jeannie Samer and Monica Smith, Boone Hospital Center (spa packages from Wellspring Therapeutic Massage in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Kathleen Grotegeers and Michelle Grotegeers, Christian Hospital
  • Gayla Seidl and Karen Danforth, Clay County Hospital
  • Susan Steele and Renee Dettmer, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Karen Rohrer and Barbara Marcus, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Julie Kreitler and Susan Eye, Parkland Health Center
  • Penny Webb and Deborah Moore, Progress West HealthCare Center
  • Barbara Hamilton and Carolyn Allen, St. Louis Children's Hospital

The 2008 winners were:

  • Lisa Jones and Almeta Fay Edmiaston, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Rachel Proffer and Rasheda Pippens, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Meredith Burk and Sara Chalmers, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Yvonne Smith and Jayne Hall, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Tiffanie Thomas and Laurie Hunter, BJC HealthCare
  • Jan Fugit and Stacy Mahan, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Wellspring Therapeutic Massage in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Linda Henke and Cindy Hustedt, Christian Hospital
  • Abigail Clinton and Bethany Kuhlig, Clay County Hospital
  • Sharla Emery and Mary Foster-Carter, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Teresa Brown and Sheila Jones, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Lisa Brann and Tammy Bloodworth, Parkland Health Center

The 2007 winners were:

  • Tracie Holbert and Lonna Wells, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Andrea Sharos and Stephanie Torrence, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Roxanne Root and Miriam Ross, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Lakeita Gilmore and Tracy Welsh, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Sharon Ewin and Linda Kolesa, BJC HealthCare
  • Jyothi Arelli and Natalie Corder, Boone Hospital Center (spa packets from Wellspring Therapeutic Massage in Columbia, Missouri)
  • Stephanie Kribs and Kathy Stankovich, Christian Hospital
  • Jan Nattier and Dianna Woomer, Clay County Hospital
  • Debra Beck-Colyott and Michelle Stuesse, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Linda Craig and Wendy Kampmann, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Susan Armon and Kathy Edwards, Parkland Health Center
  • Jennifer Stricker and Janie White, Progress West HealthCare Center
  • Tina Klasking and Mary McGowan, St. Louis Children's Hospital

The 2006 winners were:

  • Jamie Dona and Jennifer Womack, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Dorothy Gross and Faye Jamerson, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Brenda Novelli and Suzanne Shenkman, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Tammy Trout and Cathi Vogt, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Donna Aleto and Mary Benoist, BJC HealthCare
  • Linda Boyce and Jeanie Shaneberger, Boone Hospital Center
  • Carmen Jones and Marjorie Sabbath-Webb, Christian Hospital
  • Jim Allison and Nancy Pearce, Clay County Hospital
  • Kathleen Quenelle and Debbie Skyles, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Sheila Jones and Teresa Brown, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Bobbie Graham and Bonnie Grimwood, Parkland Health Center
  • Sandra Carruthers and Nancy McClane, St. Louis Children's Hospital

The 2005 winners were:

  • Bonnie Blackledge and Peggy Nugent, Alton Memorial Hospital
  • Debbi Hendricks and Leslie Miller, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Donna Lauck and Chris Vangels, Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Tracy Miller and Ricana Redmond, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Julie Bruns and Kim Weir, BJC HealthCare
  • Deborah Hoggatt and Betty Lathrop, Boone Hospital Center
  • Noreen Hildred and Kelly Komnick, Christian Hospital
  • Carletta Noll and Tammy Schwaninger, Clay County Hospital
  • Mary Foley and Doris Jayne, Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Denise Ettinger and Cheri Heitman, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital
  • Carol Froid and Barbara Miner, Parkland Health Center
  • Mary Ann Blackwell and Suzanne Napoli, St. Louis Children's Hospital

Recommendations for early breast cancer detection:

  • Yearly mammograms are recommended, starting at 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health
  • A clinical breast exam should be part of a periodic health exam, at least every three years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and older
  • Women should know how their breasts normally feel and report any breast change promptly to their health care providers; breast self-exam is an option for women, starting in their 20s
  • Women at increased risk (includes family history, genetic tendency and past breast cancer) should discuss specific guidelines with their doctor
  • BJC health insurance plans provide coverage for mammography; refer to your summary plan description for details regarding your plan
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