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The STAR Center at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

The Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital STAR Center location is:
Physician Office Building 3, 1020 North Mason Road, Suite 200, 314.996.3050 -- get map

Star GraphicThe STAR Center is an outpatient physical therapy facility with a Fitness Center. As a member of the fitness center, you meet with an exercise physiologist to develop a program specifically for you. Your first visit is $25, which includes a one-hour orientation and your follow-up visits for that month. The monthly membership fee is $25.

The STAR Center offers a Personal Wellness Plan for employees to give support and education to assist in lifestyle changes, such as exercise and nutrition. The Personal Wellness Plan includes quarterly appointments with a health coach and a dietitian to progress your program.

The STAR Center also offers therapeutic massage, personal training and performance improvement programs (running, golf, cycling and swimming) -- customized programs in which you work with a health-care professional to reduce your chance of injury by learning proper form, strength training, flexibility and increasing endurance.

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