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Being Healthy Doesn't Mean Making Sacrifices

The Bee Fit Program partnership between the city of St. Louis and BJC HealthCare encourages city employees to learn about and improve their health by reducing lifestyle-related risk factors.

Bee Fit embraces each St. Louis city employee by encouraging personal learning about health status, and providing tools to improve, so they can enjoy making lifestyle changes and discovering that being healthy isn't about making sacrifices . . . but about living life to its fullest.

Bee Fit LogoAnnual onsite health screenings test:

  • Total cholesterol
  • Blood glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index

Employees receive all results confidentially, along with risk factors identified for weight management, nutrition, physical activity and high blood glucose.

The Buzz, a monthly newsletter, provides educational articles; timely tips recipes; and notifies employees about upcoming programs on education/awareness, exercise and behavior modification.

Preventable illness has a direct affect on an employer's cost of health care, disability, worker's compensation, increased absenteeism, lower productivity, reduced safety and morale.

Look at your employees to contribute to their overall health status, and subscribe to BJC's free monthly e-newsletter or call us at 314.747.7234.

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