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Attend, Participate and Learn

BJC HealthCare hospitals and other facilities sponsor events throughout the year -- including seminars, lectures, screenings and support groups -- in many locations to get close to your back door.

It's important to know your health status and what personal health issues need your own attention. The more you know about your health, the better able you are to manage it.

BJC HealthCare offers many educational seminars and screenings so you can identify areas where you can expand your life span or improve your quality of life, and take charge of your health and take action with improving your health status.

Beginning with childbirth classes -- that consider expectant mother and father, siblings, and grandparents -- BJC facilities give you the tools to embrace your family addition.

Other seminars, screenings and support groups cover heart disease, sleep disorders, cancer concerns, diabetes, weight management and many chronic conditions.

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Learn more about community events and support groups.

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