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Get Equipped Before You Travel

For organizations with personnel who occasionally or frequently travel to overseas destinations, BJC Travelers' Health Service can meet all of your travel-related health care needs.

BJC Travelers' Health Service prepares travelers before their departure and provides post-travel medical consultation upon return to the United States.

Virtually any health care service that might be required by the overseas traveler is available, including:

  • Pre-travel evaluations
  • Disease prevention education
  • Immunizations, malaria prophylaxis and antibiotics
  • Post-travel consultation

BJC Travelers' Health Service stocks vaccines that protect travelers from disease, including typhoid and hepatitis. A certified yellow fever vaccination center, BJC Travelers' Health Service is provided at BarnesCare's Midtown clinic.

If your employees travel, keep them safe with BJC Travelers' Health Service. Contact us or call 314.747.3168 or subscribe to the BarnesCare Connection e-newsletter.

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